About Bohol

The island province is definitely another gem of the Visayas group of islands. The "Republic of Bohol," as Boholanos are fond of calling their province, is one of the most booming tourism destinations in the Philippines for many reasons. The little island paradise has worked its way through the years to emerge as one of the most popular vacation and tourism sites in the country. It is scenic with an enigmatic charm drawn from archaic memento.

There are many reasons why tourists come to Bohol. First, water fun is not restricted to wonderful beaches across the province. Diving is an ultimate recreational activity because Bohol’s underwater is simply magnificent. There is a vast bio-diversity consisting of interesting aquatic life in the tropic waters. The coastline is skimmed by white sand beaches and gentle covers. Among the most notable are Balicasag and Cabilao, which are both popular for their aquatic biodiversity. 

Panglao Island
Chocolate hills
Scuba diving

More about Bohol

The province is the 10th biggest island in the country. It is surrounded by the island provinces of Cebu in the west, Leyte in the northeast, and Mindanao in the south, across Bohol Sea. It has the 19th biggest population nationally at 1.23 million, as of latest census count. Its capital Tagbilaran City is a second class city in the southwestern side of the island. There are daily flights to and from the island through it. Ferries and speedboats also take tourists and travelers to the island from nearby cities like Cebu, Dapitan, and Dumaguete. 

In history, before being noted as the home province of former Philippine president Carlos P. Garcia (the fourth republic president), Bohol was already listed in history textbooks for many historical events. The famous ‘blood compact’ between native chieftain Sikatuna and Spanish conquest leader Miguel Lopez happened in the island in 1565. It was among the first established links between the country and its longest colonizer, Spain. 

Tourists and vacationers who like to observe flora and fauna could find getting to Bohol very rewarding. Bohol wildlife is fascinating. It is home to the smallest primate in the world, the Philippine tarsier. The nocturnal animal measures only four to five inches. The tail is usually longer than the body. The famous primate could be observed in its natural abode in the hills of Corella town. 

Any Bohol trip would not be complete without a tour to the Chocolate Hills. There are 1,268 of those perfectly cone-shaped but rounded hills. The massive land drops have always been the most popular in the province. Two of the hills have even been developed into high-class resorts. Other inland attractions include more than 1,400 caves, beautifully laced waterfalls, and of course, the controversial Loboc River, which has become famous for its floating restaurants and river cruises. 

Just like other provinces in the country, Bohol is made more alive by several of its public festivals. Among such events are Sandugo Festival (whole month of July), Tagbilaran City fiesta (May 1), SidlaKasilak or Festival of Lights (August 30 to September 8), and Bolibong Kingking Festival (May 23 and 24). Tourists who come to witness such renowned festivals are almost always bringing home their fondest memories that surely make Bohol a great destination they would visit again. 

Attractions & Activites

Chocolate Hills

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Bohol is the town of Carmen where the famous Chocolate Hills are located. These haycock hills which number about 1,268 mounds are 30 to 50 meters high and are covered in green grass during the rainy season. They then turn brown during the dry season making them look like chocolate mounds, hence the name Chocolate Hills. Declared as the country's third National Geological Monument, they are believed to be millions of years old and only one of a kind in the world.


One of the world's best tropical beaches is here. A long stretch of white sand where you can swim, snorkel, dive, sail or kayak to an island if you're up for it. You'll never run out of things to do in Bohol, whether it is underwater, or above all. And the best thing is, you'll get a great tan while you're at it. With different kinds of beaches and waves, Bohol is the perfect for every imaginable king of water sport activities you can try.

Scooba Diving

The Philippines has some of the best dive sites in the world. And with warm, inviting waters, you can explore in just a rash guard and board shorts. If you aren't a diver, there are numerous PADI certified centers all over Panglao Island where you can swim among countless species of corals and fish.

Island Hoping

A trip to Bohol is not complete without visiting the islands of Balicasag and Pamilacan. Balicasag island, a 25 hectare island located southwest of the island of Panglao, is one of the best dive sites in Bohol. This island which boasts of crystal blue waters with a well-preserved marine life is a favourite destination of foreign and local divers. Pamilacan island, a small coral island located in the heart of the Bohol Sea, is a famous for its dolphins, manta ray and big whales. It is known for beautiful colored fish and rare sea shells which abound in its surrounding waters. Another island to visit is the Virgin Island. It is covered during high tide and at low tide, a beautiful white powdery sand bar will be exposed allowing you to explore the area.
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